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There is a special wholesomeness about Sisters’ Barn with its’ unique Eatery, Cafe & Market. The warm ambiance will invite you in like family and the sense of community will keep you coming back. The people, the conversations, the food, and being a part of something that’s helping make a difference.

See you soon at the Barn!

Our Services

Sisters’ Barn Eatery, Cafe & Market is a unique dining & shopping experience.


Dine in and relish the welcoming atmosphere or order take-out and enjoy in the comforts of your home.

Our menu items include hand-crafted starters, soups, salads, entrees, sides. desserts, and a kids menu (ages 2-11), along with with 50+ craft beers, sparkling beverages, boutique wines, and organic 0-proof softer drinks.


Cafe & Market

Sit ‘n Savor or Grab ‘n Go fresh sandwiches, salads, soup, snacks, coffee, tea, craft beers, boutique wines, and 0-proof drinks. Shop for cooking essentials, housewares, and specialty gift sets.

Counter hours:  11am-5pm   |   Shopping hours:  11am-restaurant closing


Our Gallery

Our gallery of photos highlight the design and culinary talent at Sisters’ Barn.

Our Menus

Our hand-crafted menu items are made fresh daily and our fine selection of 50+ craft beers, boutique wines, sparkling beverages, and organic 0-proof softer drinks are carefully hand-selected.


The sense of community you feel at Sisters’ Barn is achieved by our vision, “To operate with a holistic sustainability approach to continually make a positive impact on the employees we work with, the people we interact with, the communities we are a part of, and the environment we live in.”

We strive as a team to make a positive difference in all we do, for ourselves, and for others. This is what our culture is all about. “You can’t create happiness. Happiness is a result of your actions. Happiness is the key to life. “

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